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Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to improve the efficiency of cargo flows. Our vision is to be the Indias leading provider of cargo handling solutions.

To reach this vision, we will :
1. Take the lead in developing the business and industry we are in Build the full potential of our services and solutions
2. Drive technology development for the benefit of our customers
3. Set the standard for sustainability in cargo handling
4. Combine our strength and resources into one company.

We are currently in the process of transforming into an organisation which is more business driven..Our goal is to facilitate faster decision-making and to improve efficiency .

Although we are working on important ares of development, our strategic focus area remain Customers, Services, Emerging Markets and Internal Clarity.

* Customers : Customer perspective lies in the heart of our strategy. This meansfocusing on selected segments while making a transition towards a more customer driven approach.

* Service : Stronger emphasis is put on service development, in line with the customers value chain,and on seeking growth when customers outsource their service operations.

*Emerging markets : Mature markets are showing slower growth. A successful company must be strong.particularly in growing economic areas.

*Internal clarity : Enhanced efficiency and unity are pursued through process development.

Sustainable performance is our track record of pioneering, innovation, reliability and our commitment to keep cargo on the move.
This is why we constantly seek new and better ways to improve the performance